Digital Marketing

If you’re running a business of any size, digital marketing is the best way to reach your customer base. JC Worldwide Enterprise will partner with you by understanding your business’s digital marketing goals, help to identify red flags, and improve decision making. Our staff will measure and analyze your digital marketing performance and help you create strategies that will maximize customer acquisition, customer retention, and ROI.

Here at JC Worldwide Enterprise based in Bangkok, we specialise in Digital Marketing and Social Media Brand Management. Our team works by using a creative approach to help bring forth ideas for each brand that we work with, in a way that can ensure effective audience engagement and provide better brand awareness online. We make sure we put in ideas that resonate well with a brand’s aesthetics, business approach, and ideals in terms of their online presence.

Currently we are in works with various clients, both local to Bangkok and International brands, each stemming from a wide range of niche. Our team takes the time to research on ideas, and conduct market analysis which aids us in terms of creating adequate contents for the brands based on their expectations and requirements from us in the most profitable means possible. In addition to social media marketing, we also provide affiliate marketing services through the use of Google AdWords, in order to optimise your online marketing goals. The use of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), has been studied to have a significantly positive effect on increasing one’s online visibility by driving in organic impressions to the brand’s page and in turn, help increase its offline sales requirements or, their B2B and B2C goals.

We have various roles in helping a brand create their online presence and awareness through content writing and designing, building and managing target audience, Facebook and Instagram ad management, influencer sourcing and marketing, creating social media strategy and audience research, and community management. It is a great necessity for existing and emerging businesses to put value into their online and social media presence and we can help you achieve that in an effective way.

How can we help you?

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