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Our Team

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Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field.


Our working style emphasizes teamwork, trust, and get things done. We value our clients time and energy.

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Let’s meet the JCW Team.

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John Coyle



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Jerry Young

Vice President

A native of Buffalo, NY, Jerry joined the US Navy as an Information Systems Technician in 2005 and spent his tour at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station in Naples, Italy. Starting as an E-1, he quickly moved up the ranks to Petty Officer 2nd Class and was advanced to the position of Training PO for his command, responsible for managing the training of junior Sailors within the ranks and ensuring they were qualified to effectively operate US Navy telecommunications equipment for all classified and encrypted communications. After honorably discharging from the US Navy in 2009, he returned home to Buffalo, NY and began to work with John in what was then the infancy of JC Worldwide Enterprise, eventually coming on board as a full time employee and Vice President of the company in 2015. Jerry and his wife, Antoinette, have been married since 2007 and have 3 children. In his spare time, Jerry enjoys spending time with his family and training martial arts.


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Daomi Chaipa

Operations Manager


Daomi Chaipa is a Thai-Singaporean residing in Bangkok. She’s a graduate of Masters in Arts and Cultural Management. With her background in cultural management and customer service, she’s able to maintain a harmonious environment within the company. She ensures that company’s standards are always upheld and goals are achieved.  Because of her Singaporean and Thai roots, she’s well-versed in speaking different languages which include Thai, Cantonese and Fukien.

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Madela Danica P. Villarin

Marketing Manager

Madela Danica P. Villarin or DV is the marketing manager of JC Worldwide Enterprise. She is responsible in all campaigns and other marketing activities of the company and its clients. She ensures that clients’ needs and expectations are met.
DV is a certified Google Adwords Specialist and has worked in the customer service industry for more than 7 years. Her past work experiences makes her effective in her position.
DV is married and has a child. She was born and raised in Legazpi City, Philippines. A true-born Filipina. She possesses the values that Fillipinos are known for, such as strong work ethics, hospitable and respectful.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” – Dan Zarrella

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Maribeth Lino – Coyle

Administrative Assistant

Maribeth joined JC Worldwide Enterprise in 2011. Her first task at JCW was keywords searching. Then she moved up to building ads, building websites, taking care of the company’s billing, invoicing and now she is focus on administrative assistant.

Maribeth and her husband John, have been married since July 2013. They both love to travel, experience difference cultures and trying new food. Maribeth graduated in Culinary school in Western New York and she is also a competitive powerlifter in the USA Powerlifting Federation.

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Rizalie Napo

Accounting Assistant

Rizalie hails from Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines. She started her career in JCW last February 23, 2015 up to present making her one of the seniors. She handled various tasks from setting up affiliate relationships with networks and potential advertisers to doing marketing research and campaigns. At present, she is responsible in all the reporting tasks  for JCW, its subsidiaries, and clients.

She’s a wife to her husband Harmin and mom to her 3 lovely daughters. When she’s not working, she dedicates her time taking care of her family.


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Michelle D. Gaspacho

Marketing Assistant

Michelle D. Gaspacho started as a Marketing Assistant in JC Worldwide Enterprise in 2016. Her responsibilities includes campaign creation and monitoring. She is also responsible for virtual administrative tasks from their clients.
She has worked as a Junior SEO Specialist for more than 5 years in a BPO company and as a Virtual Assistant for more than two years. She just recently got the Google Search Adwords Certification.
As a mom of two, she knows how to balance work and family. She believes that hard work, commitment and dedication are important factors to get better in every aspect of life.

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Reswin Macapagal

Marketing Assistant

​Reswin Macapal ha been with JC Worldwide Enterprise since September 2016. He is responsible in checking and updating all campaigns. He ensures that all campaigns are accounted for. His role is essential in the day to day activities of this company.

Reswin belongs to Gen Z, he was born in 1996. Just like one of those who were born in this generation, he loves exploring the online world, trying new apps and softwares. He also loves to play basketball and volleyball.

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Karyn Guerrero

Marketing Assistant

Karyn Guerrero is based in Legazpi City, Philippines.
She has joined JC Worldwide Enterprise in 2016 as Junior Google Adwords Specialist. Her responsibilities include setting up campaigns, creating ad copies, monitoring campaign activities regularly and other marketing tasks. She is a certified Google Adwords Specialist.
Karyn has an extensive experience in Data entry and Web research for more than 10 years until she shifted into Online marketing.

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