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Over the last few months, JCW East team has brought together some very engaging one-of-its-kind events in Bangkok. We aim to bring in noted and reputed individuals of their respective field to help conduct short-term seminars and workshops here.

Our very first event was brought forth in collaboration with Dr. Layne Norton and Holly Baxter. Dr. Layne Norton is a Ph.d. in Nutritional Sciences, professional bodybuilder and powerlifter, and the founder of BioLayne while Holly Baxter is an MS APD and 2x World Champion Fitness Model. This event had successfully brought in both local and international attendees of all levels of expertise together to gain insights in the basic and techniques of powerlifting in addition to practical nutrition training. The two-day seminar and workshop were aimed to give well-rounded knowledge in the field of powerlifting along with the provision of beneficial understanding of the dos and don’ts that the attendees could apply to excel in the field.

The second event put together by JCW Events team was an introductory level powerlifting seminar and workshop for attendees who were interested in getting to know the basics of the sport. Rob Ali, of Ali Training Systems Inc., was leading this event with his expertise as a competitive powerlifter from USAPL and a record holder of 74kg NY state deadlift. Rob Ali is ranked 8th in the USAPL for the 83 kg division and is USAPL NY referee. This event too had a great turnover with sessions conducted on basics of all three lifts, mindset motivation, and regulations of performance on-par with the level of the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and its affiliates.
Now, our team at JCW Events are preparing for another power-packed powerlifting and strength training workshop, The Rules of Jackedness by Patient Cena! Can’t wait!

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