JCW West – The Affiliate Marketer

JCW West is where JC Worldwide Enterprise has started. Way back in 2010, JCW started as an affiliate marketer. Up to this day, we always kept this department while we expanded and ventured to other advertising services for our clients.

We, the JCW West Team, is a group of result-driven individuals who pride ourselves in providing quality services by delivering quality traffic and high conversions. Our marketing strategies are guaranteed to deliver real results for our clients and merchants. 

We, at JCW West, focuses solely on affiliate marketing. We earn by promoting other people’s product, store or company online. In conjunction with this, we also provide consulting services to our fellow affiliate marketers and as well as creating traffic for their campaigns.

As an affiliate marketer, we create relationships with promising merchants and promote them online through various search engines such as Google and Bing. We create quality campaigns that promote merchants in different locations worldwide, in various demographics and on different platforms.

It is our ultimate goal to drive quality traffic to our campaigns that will give us higher conversions with the least cost possible. Because of this, we regularly devise strategies that go along well with the ever-changing system of search engines. Whatever strategies that we’ve come up, are also applied to our clients’ campaigns. As it is our priority to make sure that all campaigns are running and converting regularly.

At JCW West, it is always our privilege to share our knowledge and expertise in the affiliate marketing field to prospective clients who are willing and enthusiastic to invest in this business. We provide an in-depth discussion of the business model and everything that goes with it. We will also walk you through, step by step, until you have a full grasp of how the business works.


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